Providing Fuel for all your Needs

  • Keeps your food at the right temperature.

    Reaches the boiling point faster and has more BTU’s than any brand on the market.

  • Environmentally friendly!

    Simple, lightweight outdoor cooking option that will save you valuable packing space.

  • Reliable cooking and heating source should you lose power or be stranded.

    Smoke-free, odorless flame is safe for indoor use.

Blaze Chafing Fuels

BLAZE produces the longest, hottest burning canned chafing fuel on the market. A trusted leader in the industry for over 25 years, BLAZE canned chafing fuel is used by top chefs at hotels, resorts, clubs and restaurants all over the world. As the only ISO 9000 certified manufacturer in the business, and with our strict independent testing, we guarantee you quality in every can.

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Our Customers

"As a user of Blaze gel fuel for over 20 years now, I can say that there has never been a reason to try anything else! The product has always outperformed the competition and given us great burn time, consistent heat and value. We look forward to being a Blaze customer for many years to come."Paul MastersonOwner, Masterson's Catering


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